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File Armour

File Armour Ltd. is a security-centric startup founded by a team of experienced cyber security specialists. Our mission is to provide secure file sharing solutions for businesses and individuals who value the protection of their sensitive data. Our flagship product, also named File Armour, is designed to meet this need by using state-of-the-art encryption and authentication methods to ensure that only authorized parties have access to shared files.

Why File Armour

Delivery blue

Guaranteed Service delivery

Guaranteed uninterrupted service delivery


Secure core

Secure core infrastructure for foolproof protection against data theft, fraudulent activities, and hacking attempts


Simple To use

Only few clicks and you are ready to go. No registration for the Lite version


Customer support

Confidence in using our product for your business needs. Dedicated to providing the best service and support for your business goals


Our Secure Core


Interception Prevention

Files are protected from interception.


Insider Threat prevention

Even the administrators cannot view credentials or read the uploaded files.


Risk Mitigation

Measures are in place to minimize the impact of any potential incidents.


Data Deletion

Automatic, timed deletion ensures that your data remains secure.


Periodic vulnerability scanning

The internal environment, as well as the web application is scanned periodically against vulnerabilities.

Meet the APP

Security and Privacy by design

Our process for file sharing is designed , keeping security, privacy and simplicity in mind. The idea is to make security, seamless and to make the interface very simple.


  • Max time of file and data deletion 24hour
  • Encryption of uploaded files
  • Pin-code protection
  • Upload file size 60MB
  • Limited Email support


  • Max time of file and data deletion 1 week
  • Encryption of uploaded files
  • Pin-code protection
  • Upload file size 500MB
  • User Authentication
  • Multi-file upload
  • File tracking
  • More information fields
  • Full email support


  • Max time of file and data deletion is user specified
  • Encryption of uploaded files
  • Pin-code protection
  • Upload file size 500+MB
  • User Authentication
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-file upload
  • File tracking
  • SMS OTP on the sending of message
  • More information fields
  • On-prem installation
  • White label
  • Active Directory integration
  • Manned and Email Support


How much time do I have to download a file before it is removed?

The download link is valid for 24 hour. Within that 24-hour period, you can download the file as many times as you want. After the 24 hour elapses, the file will be permanently deleted from the server, with no way of recovering that information.

What is the maximum size of a file that I can upload?

The maximum file size that can be uploaded in the lite version is 60MB and for the Pro version file size is 500MB .

What file formats are allowed to be uploaded?

The following file formats are accepted: .txt, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .zip, .7zip, .mp3, .wav, .rar, .exe, .dll, .bmp, .psd, .ppt, .pptx, .tar, .gz, .7z.

When I open the download link on a mobile device, I am unable to download the file. How do I fix this?

Check the browser settings on your mobile device. If you have selected “Ask where to save files”, this can cause files to not download properly. To solve this issue, open your browser and use the following path: Settings > Downloads > Download Location, and turn off the option “Ask where to save files”.

I uploaded a file but the receiver did not receive the download link. Why was that?

Our file uploads are nearly instantaneous, so if the recipient doesn’t receive an email within a few minutes, ask them to check their Spam/Junk folder.

How do I upload multiple files using File Armour Lite?

As only one file is allowed in lite version thus the only way to upload multiple files if to zip the files before uploading.

What is the correct way to upload a file?

The only way to upload a file successfully is to select the pin code/ password before selecting the file.

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